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Our unique 'umbrella' service is provided to wrap everything up in a neat package that will keep 'life' as simple as possible for our clients; i.e. its our version of the 'package-kit' company's "choose your design and then leave everything to us" approach but without the inevitable 'eye-watering' price 'tag' and without getting you caught up in the exceedingly high risk 'practice' of making huge 'upfront' payments for everything!

  • As experienced 'self-builders'; we appreciate that despite all the advantages of having a 'bespoke' designed timber-frame house that can save you a 'fortune' through being site-fabricated quickly and economically; we all still want everything kept as simple as possible with the absolute minimum of hassle so we can concentrate upon actually getting the house itself built and weather-tight!

None of us want anything to be more difficult than is absolutely necessary ~ hence the enduring attraction of having everything neatly wrapped up in a 'SIPS' or 'package-kit' deal ~ however using such an approach would have DOUBLED the cost of any of our 'self-build' projects.

Whilst our 'kit' service doesn't have the huge expense of 'SIPS' or 'package-kits' nor the attendant financial risk involved with making huge 'upfront' payments; it does allow you to avoid all the hassle of getting quotes for materials, placing orders and/or arranging for delivery of the structural materials while still letting you enjoy the full benefit of simply paying competitive 'net' trade prices for everything; i.e. without all the usual manufacturer's factory & office overheads and profits, heavy lifting gear/cranage costs, 'erection crew' costs, profit 'mark-ups', etc. that so quickly ramp-up the 'build' costs on 'SIPS' or 'package-kit' based projects.

  • True to our best traditions; our unique, bespoke 'package-deal' offers a service that, irrespective of the point at which we become involved in a client's project, can deal with whatever professional planning, architectural and/or structural design, Building Regulations / Warranty, framing layouts, constructional information and support, 'Hands-ON' training work, etc. is required, can handle the organisation of service connections to the site, the sourcing of material quotes, orders and deliveries, etc. and virtually anything else that might be required to get the house built and keep clients' lives simple; i.e. we take care of the 'organisation' so you can concentrate on getting the house built!

NB: The actual expense of choosing a 'package-kit' or 'SIPS' based 'build' probably wouldn't matter too much if the end-product was actually superior in performance and/or quality; or if any alternative option was equally expensive.  But the fact is that our alternative approach to timber-frame house-building is significantly cheaper and can easily match or exceed the thermal and 'airtightness' performance of 'SIPS' and 'packaged-kits'; even if built by an inexperienced 'DIY' enthusiast!

Our unique service makes it possible for clients to avoid having to organise everything without having to spend a 'fortune' for some 'SIPS' or 'package-kit' manufacturer to do it for them!

  • The only essential requirement needed in order to benefit from this service is that we must do the ‘bespoke’ structural timber-frame design work for the project.  The minimum service that we would then provide would encompass the scheduling, sourcing and arranging for the supply of all the structural materials, producing detailed cutting schedules, detailed assembly 'layout' drawings and 'step-by-step' erection instructions; i.e. everything required to enable you or your chosen sub-contractor to carry out a ‘self-assembly’ timber-frame project. 

NB: As indicated above; there is virtually NO upper limit to the maximum service we can provide!

Our service is provided using what is effectively a ‘cost-plus’ arrangement; i.e. the “cost” part is the net trade price of the materials, the “plus” part is the agreed fee to cover all our services.  (NB:  Our fees are always quoted on an ‘all-in’ basis; i.e. we do NOT charge clients extra for sundry expenses such as travelling and subsistence, etc.; and providing a duplicate set of ‘weather-proof’ drawings, etc. for site usage is an integral part of our service!  Only payments to third-parties; i.e. Local Authority fees, independent 'as built' test certifier fees, etc. are NOT included.)

  • VAT is normally charged on our professional services; however if you are a private individual self-building for your own occupation ~ we can offer our services on a 'VAT Exempt' basis; i.e. there would be no VAT added to our fees.

2.  Whilst we will endeavour to ensure that you pay the absolute minimum for all the structural materials and we can guarantee there will be no 'mark-ups', added profit-margins, 'lost' trade discounts, etc. please note that; due to the 'bespoke' nature of our structural design work; the actual cost of those materials cannot be assessed until our design work has been done and quotations obtained for delivery of the materials to your site's specific location.


      To ensure total financial transparency and your peace of mind; ALL materials will not only be competitively sourced from trade suppliers, they will also be invoiced directly to you so that you will get the full benefit of any trade discounts and retain full control over all payments to manufacturers, suppliers and merchants ~ as well as access to extended credit facilities via merchant accounts and credit card payment.

      So NO upfront payments of any kind and everything supplied at minimum trade prices!

Our Guiding Philosophy ~

To appreciate what our clients want and to provide an unique response that will create great 'added value' for them.

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