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"The UK & Irish Republic's Unique Residential Timber-Frame Design Specialists AND 'DIY' Self-Building Professionals!"


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As information becomes available; more 'blue' highlighted 'links' will be activated below to provide access within a new window.  Similarly; we will be introducing a whole range of other matters and features as time goes on.

  • For anybody interested in finding out about our specialist 'bespoke residential timber-frame design' services and/or the 'practicalities of DIY; i.e. physically doing some or all the building work' should click on the relevant 'links' to our 'sister' websites below.

>>>  ProFrame-XL  <<<                    >>>  'DIY' (Hands-ON) Self-Building  <<<

If you are looking to find out more about what 'ProFrame' is; or want to learn how to construct a typical timber-frame wall-panel in 5 minutes 'flat'; perhaps you are interested in getting some 'tips', 'hints' and ideas for making a success of timber-framing?  Whatever you want; simply click on the 'blue' highlighted 'links' to find out more.  Of course; there are a couple of our "An Insider's Guide" booklets that you might find interesting too; firstly an introduction to designing and building superb eco-friendly homes and secondly how to construct inexpensive 'super-insulated' timber-frame walls!

  • You can directly access one of the biggest house design 'libraries' in the world and get thousands of ideas for house types, styles, plans and layouts plus all the various types of ancillary buildings. Don't worry about whether dimensions are in imperial (feet & inches) or metric (metres); if you see ideas and/or plans that appeal to you ~ we can create new plans from those ideas and/or plans that suit your specific requirements ~ so go-ahead and click the 'link'!

>>>  The Great 'Online' Residential Design Library  <<<

Of course; it isn't always about a new house; sometimes it's about the practicality of using 'timber-frame' to extend an existing house.  Our "FREE" Structural Design Programme for "New Extensions to an Existing House" should prove invaluable!

Find out about "Passivhaus" designed homes, "Renewable Energy", etc. and there is a range of 'Food For Thought' articles; such as "The Reality Of Zero-Carbon!" & "The Practical Approach To Zero-Carbon"; that will provoke and stimulate debate about the reality of the Government's stated objectives, the 'major problem' being ignored as 'heat-pumps' and MHRV systems become the 'preferred solution' when building houses to meet the higher 'Code For Sustainable Homes' Levels, the 'hypocrisy' of promoting carbon-emitting appliances to heat the so-called 'zero-carbon' homes and the 'dubious claims' made for 'bolt-on' renewable energy generators!


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Our Guiding Philosophy ~

To appreciate what our clients want and to provide an unique response that will create great 'added value' for them.





























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