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"The UK & Irish Republic's Unique Residential Timber-Frame Design Specialists AND 'DIY' Self-Building Professionals!"


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'Past' Breaking News

The Government have relaxed the 'renewable-energy' requirements; i.e. 'carbon-emissions'; calculated for Code Level 6 ('Zero-Carbon' Homes) so that it will no longer be necessary to meet the projected energy 'needs' of 'white goods'; i.e. cookers, washing machines, dishwashers, etc.

The Government is also looking at ways to 'free-up' publicly owned land specifically for the 'self-build' sector because of it's great potential to deliver 'family homes' with the great individuality that 'speculative housing developments' are generally deemed to lack!

The Government has announced that it is planning to 'release' sufficient 'public-owned' land for 100,000 new homes to be built by 2015.

'Past' Business Developments

Following the launch of our 'FREE' Land Agency Service website on 29th April, 2011; the brand-new 'Self-Build-Pro' websites were officially launched on 31st May, 2011.  Additional material & information will be added to the 'Further Info' page as it becomes available.

We have just re-launched access to some of our 'FREE' timber-frame design software programmes on the "ProFrame-XL" website.

1st August, 2011 ~ Amended versions of the 'Single-Storey' Design Programmes are now available on the "ProFrame-XL" website.

We have re-launched the 'Technical Data' page which allows users of the 'FREE' ProFrame-XL software programmes to acquire 'bespoke' wind-loading, snow loading and racking force / resistance calculations AND/OR full structural design calculations for your own specific individual projects anywhere within the UK & Irish Republic for submission for Building Regulations/Warranty (Scotland) purposes.

21st September, 2011 ~ An upgraded version of the 'House Extensions' Design Programmes are now available on the "ProFrame-XL" website.

The brand-new websites for (a) 'DIY' (Hands-ON) Self-Build and (b) our unique "ProFrame-XL" 'bespoke' residential timber-frame services & 'FREE' design software have now been assembled.  Additional material & information will be added and will be announced here on the 'Further Info' page as it becomes available.

20th December, 2011 ~ We have launched an introductory video for our special money-saving "ProFrame-XL" approach to building high quality houses on the 'Home' page (since superceded!).

Our Guiding Philosophy ~

To appreciate what our clients want and to provide an unique response that will create great 'added value' for them.

















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